Arabic Astrology and the Art of Divination


Clélia Romano, July 2013
By chance I came across an interesting title “Arabic Astrology”, by the French author Catherine Aubier, M. A. Éditions, 1987, Paris.Thinking that I would meet my old acquaintances authors Masha’allah, Abu Mashar, Abu Ali, etc. to my surprise the author was using a model that had little resemblance to astrology.It dealt with mental constructs equally remote, leading to the prediction and interpretation of psychological and factual issues, describing year by year of a native´s life, their similarity and harmony with other people, the expected evolution from birth to mature age, and much more. All this was done without using any astrological technique.

The title Arabic Astrology was based on the only astrological model used, namely the division into twelve types of persons accordingly to the months of the year when they were born, i.e. a sun sign division. This fact, however, provided only the first of the factors to use in a future equation.

The result of the prior analysis is able to identify twelve kinds of people,each one pertaining to a type of weapon used in medieval times, such as knife, sword, slingshot, bow, Arabic dagger, etc.

The zodiacal sign which corresponded to a weapon received a score; certain number of points that will be summed up on a calculation which in the future will describe who the person is.

For instance, Virgo gets one point, Libra 8 points, Sagittarius, 12, etc.

The planets are not interpreted or even considered, but the parents´ professions receive points ranging growing as the profession is nobler, until you get the number 12, in which case one of the parents was a worldwide remarkable figure.

The next step is to punctuate the native accordingly to the number of inhabitants in the city where he or she was born, as it is considered that a native has more opportunities in big cities than in small ones.

The last two points emphasize the influence of the medium and are “weapons” that act as a potentiating (or not) of the characteristics of the individual given by the sun sign, called the “predestination” weapon.

Adding the three obtained points provide a summary of each person, the so called “weapon of birth”.

Each weapon obtained in this way is described in similar manner as when we describe temperaments in an astrological context.

In order to know the favorable year for certain things for each of the types, it is taught to use the sum of the birth date to the current year. Depending on the numeral some specific accidents for the year are expected.

Now, all this seems extremely unlikely, done for the sake of numbers and guessing, but the fact is that on many important points, as in sinastry and predictions it works fine, as well as in the description of the personality.

In my case, for example, I was born in the sign of Aries who earns two points of predestination and my weapon is the dagger. My family history was among Mace and Ax, because my father was a sales representative. My weapon of luck was the Arc, the highest, because I was born in a city with more than 5000 inhabitants which imply higher chances of growth.

This weapon system demonstrated to be effective in my case, since the sum came to my individual weapon, the Ax, which described many of my psychological characteristics and also the expected difficult years appeared clearly.

The book is worth to read, not only to make predictions, but to realize that there are many possible constructions that can work in order to know ourselves and the future.

The mighty river of divination does not wet exclusively the astrologers´ feet, but of all those asking how things are related to each other.

No art is superior to another if both methods are based in observables phenomena.

The link between the hidden world and facts settles for sympathy among observable phenomena. This observation has been practiced since man is man, from the remotest antiquity, in analogy to the culture and environment of our ancestors, be it geomancy, the game using dog whelk, numerology, the omens, astrology, the I Ching, etc..

Returning to the case of studying the weapon-related people,the medieval society was a feudal society and the used weapons were characteristics of each status degree, the knives being considered a trivial one while the sword and bow, especially the latter was privileged to the nobles. The personal eminence was measured by such weapon prism.

The very being of a person, the personality and the opportunities to develop
was circumscribed within fixed limits represented by the capacity of evolution of each type of weapon. According to it periods of difficulty or ease were anticipated including in which areas in which things would happen.

Interestingly the fixed limit of evolution mixes the concept of fate and free will in a very plausible way.

In the same book Catherine Aubier comes to other methods of divination such as numerology and geomancy, i.e.the design of random points in search of a clear answer.

Looking for correlations and directions in a seemingly chaotic world is the brand of esoteric arts and a way to break the human isolation through brotherhood between man and nature.

Such brotherhood is synonymous of a sympathetic and harmonious relationship permeating all the living beings and phenomena.

Through this kind of approach people can be able to reach an understanding of the Biggest Reason behind the build of the world we inhabit, the law that subdued and mixed the elements at least to some extent and the platonic ideal of which this world is a mere copy.

In astrology we realize that everything occurs related to the position of the stars, but the relation is not of causality. Both worlds, the hidden and the visible, heavens and earth, depend mutually, since each one is part of a living system.300px-Rhumsiki_crab_sorceror

Let us remember that the question of power of the big to tame the small is as important as the power of the small to tame the big. We learn this easily from
the behavior of atoms and viruses.

It is curious that astrologers (and other types of students of the occult) sometimes fight by trifles when the panorama of divination is much larger . Many ways, though not all, can lead to the kingdom of God.

The divine engineering comes to light to those who have condition to see, be him or she an astrologer, a palmist, a Tarot reader, etc.

It shines through omens, trees bending to the left or to the right, because of the wind, birds taking north or south when freed, a name that appears on
an outdoor´s advertisement, etc.

It all makes sense to guess for those who pay attention and is able to live between the two worlds.

All this to say that we have in astrology a construction perfected for over two thousand years, but this construction has as much truth as others who also were built using as a basis the sympathy between the divine and the human, no matter which parameters are used: rods , points, coins, shells, viscera etc.

All these forms of divination, if based on elaborate observations, transmitted from generation to generation, are perfected by experience and become prodigious mental constructs. Probably build a model is part of human reason, because we are not able to get directly to the core and essence of things, but just to observe that things work “as if…”

It is possible that even a model based on ants’ behavior could generate guesses if the facts were studied accordingly to relations between the anthill and the human world.

In my opinion as astrologer nothing is more impressive than the vault of heaven, especially as it might have been presented visually in antiquity, away from the light and air pollution of cosmopolitan cities.

Paralleling, astrology is in the level of the Arch, one of the noblest arts of divination.

But this does not make it the only one.