ISCA Members

      • Prof. Peter James Clark – President

    Prof. Clark was born in London, England and now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He began his metaphysical and spiritual studies at the age of 14 and has nearly 50 years experience in the Arts.

    He is a scholar of the European Renaissance who conducted university courses on the literature and philosophy of the period. He speaks English, French, Spanish and is familiar with Greek and Latin. He is currently studying Classical Arabic.

    His interests are not merely academic. They are integral to his life as an Astrologer and Shaman in the Druidic tradition of his Anglo-Welsh heritage. His current research includes the alchemy of Hellenistic, Persian and Indian Astrology in the crucible of Neo-Platonic and Hermetic Philosophy.

    He holds a diploma in Advanced Herbology and is currently writing a book on Traditional Astrological Medicine, drawing on Arabic and European sources.

        • Clélia Romano – Educational Coordinator

    531727_4631108535803_1903069427_n Clélia Romano was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She was a clinical psychologist for 20 years, dedicating her life to psychoanalysis, teaching and consultations. However, in 1983 she was drawn toward the esoteric field, particularly astrology and has developed another way to look at the human mind, behaviour and life in general.

    She studied the material elaborated in Robert Zoller´s course applying to the Certificate of Medieval Astrologer in 2003. She received the Diploma of Medieval Astrologer (DMA).

    Clélia translated the work of Māshāʿallāh, On Reception, from the Latin to Portuguese. In 2010, she has published a book in Portuguese of what would be a trilogy entitled Foundations of Traditional Astrology. The second book entitled The Practice of Traditional Astrology was published in 2013.

          • John Timperman

    John Timperma15356837_10209652022730746_46647087_nn is a Belgian astrologer who began studying astrology in 1985.

    He was one of the first Belgian astrologers to study Traditional Astrology with Robert Zoller who he invited Zoller to conduct conferences in Belgium and Holland on a number of occasions.

    John reads and speaks Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian and gives lectures in Belgium, Holland, Dutch, France and Germany.

    Recently his interests are in the roots of the Art, the astrology of Babylon and Mesopotamia.

    Since 2008 he has been the President of the VAG. the Astrological Society of the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

        • Pablo Ianiszewski
    Pablo Ianiszewski is a Traditional Astrologer from Chile and has graduated from Robert Zoller’s Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology. He works with Horary, Elective & Natal perspectives, with an emphasis on the Hermetic and Neoplatonic philosophy as indispensable guides to a deep understanding of the craft.  He collaborates with several Spanish publications on astrology and traditional esotericism.

3 comments on “ISCA Members

  1. Graham Walker says:

    I am posting here as I did not see a “Contact Us” section.

    I am wondering if Professor Clark is the same Peter J Clark who used to practice at Adelaide Court, Hill Road, London. If so, he might be amused to learn that I was just given a copy of the report he wrote on me in December 1978; it was commissioned by my father, who gave me the original just last week. Interesting reading!

  2. Charles Mugleston says:

    Dear Professor,
    Greetings from Suffolk UK.
    Has anyone to your knowledge set up the natal chart for Edward FitzGerald born on the 31st March 1809 at Bredfield in Suffolk, who translated and adapted the world famous poem The Ruba’iya’t of Omar Khayya’m ?
    Omar Khayya’m has a chart as recorded in the book The Nectar of Grace and it would be valuable to know how their starlit harmonic resonance works and still works to peoples benefit.
    With hope, best wishes and thanks.

    Charles Mugleston Omar Khayyam Theatre Company

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