Mundane Astrology and the Croatian Presidential Elections 2014/15 – Part I

It has been a while since I have written anything. There are many reasons for this but the main reason being I have had to concentrate on health issues. It is remarkable that when our physical being is “in tune” then often our “mental” or “soul” finds the appropriate partner to be more successful and complete. The opposite is also very observable and true, that when the body suffers then often qualities of the soul are diminished. There is a strong symbiotic relationship between the two, i.e. the qualities of the soul[1] and the body. Quite understandably every person is a unique composition where the balances or imbalances are going to have an outcome that may be fallaciously recognised as a general characterisation when it is rather quite specific and personal.

This article is about mundane prediction and delineation; before the fact rather than hindsight astrology we find so prevalent today. I have been told by certain popular and respected astrologers that the mundane techniques of our astrological forefathers, like Abu Ma’shār and Māshā´āllāh, are not relevant today because they delineated events concerning dynasties and kings and the political world is not the same today so those techniques cannot be used today.

This objection is wrong on many points. There are still families, dynasties and religions “ruling” this world. And regardless the political systems, the concepts laid down by these forefathers are still valid, even if their applications may have to vary. For example, when discussing the meanings of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions when they shift triplicities, we are told by Abu Ma’shār that they can indicate the rise of a new religion and prophet(s).

[21] In the presence of one of these times that we have defined, one looks at the horoscopes of those times, and the location of the celestial bodies’ in them, and all their natural and accidental conditions <which result> from their essence and from <their relation to> the Sun and the sphere, and one discovers (1) the nature of their indication from the planets which have predominance over the principal positions, and (2) the time of it according to what the indicators point out. Then one looks at the indications of these six principles.

[22] This is divided into three divisions. The first is proper to universal states, like the property of the indicators of great Beginnings indicating universal matters like floods, dynasties, religions, and the like at the time of the conjunction of the two superior <planets> in Aries and their conjunction when they shift from one triplicity to another.[2]

While Professor Dykes was working on his second book of World Astrology, I was in contact with him and we were discussing the “mean conjunctions” and how they were calculated.[3] In comparing our notes and calculations I was made acutely aware of one particular triplicity shift in history. In 1603 there was a shift of the mean conjunctions into the fire signs, starting at 00° Sagittarius 33’ 51”.

That is actually a pretty relevant shift when you consider the theory behind the importance of the shifts of triplicity indicating universal beginnings of important “religions”. This particular era found many brilliant minds building the arguments and philosophical underpinnings of Democracy and what has become, in the words of several historical writers, a word which has acquired “a universally sacred character” and given “the notion of democracy a moral and almost religious content”. In this era were the minds of Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Montesquieu (1689-1755), Voltaire (1694-1766), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-88), David Hume (1711-76), and Adam Smith (1723-1790). And one, foremost among these “prophets”, was John Locke (1632-1704).

Abu Ma’shār gives in his instructions some interesting information:

“We say that if the conjunction occurs in the fiery triplicity, it indicates power for the eastern people, and that the strongest of their signs is Sagittarius…”

Of course that is very relevant at the shift, which was to Sagittarius, since the political power was in Britain and “eastern people”[4] were to be the colonists.

2.) “As for the time of the appearance of the indications, the fiery triplicity indicates three conjunctions after the return of the conjunction to the sign of the triplicity to which the conjunction shifts;”

But he also adds this qualifier,

“It is possible that the times of the indications are different: according to this scheme, the indications of the shift to the fiery triplicity occur after 9 conjunctions from the time of the shift…”

This is very interesting as the appearance of the indications of this “new religion” would appear in the 9th conjunction after the shift which was to 1782! Quite remarkably, only 7 years later the newly formed American Congress began its duties and the first president took up his position.[5]

These are things with no relevance for today? I hardly think so. Over the past several years I have been using these techniques with regards to particular world events; From the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the general elections in Britain in 2011. I have not published everything. Certain predictions in the course of discussions on astrology forums have been documented. I have to make perfectly clear here that at no time have I done this to “make a name” for myself. Our art is supposed to help others, not glorify oneself. This is why I have not published much of my work. This particular post is therefore probably only the second time I have, through a public media, made known this work.

The following prediction and delineation concerning the outcome of the Presidential elections in Croatia was published on the East European Traditional Astrology forum “Astrološki dijalozi”, December 29th 2014 and January 2nd 2015 respectively.

On 29.12.2014 I stated the following:

“Been looking at some charts and contemplating the election in Croatia…. I really know nothing of the politics involved so my opinion is a purely astrological one…. I will be glad to explain how I came to it when I get things written up. My first impressions are that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović will win this vote. The charts I have been considering are the Aries Ingress, Libra Ingress, Mars/Saturn conjunction and lunation prior to the election as well as the sunrise chart of the Election Day.”

I guess you can call this Part 1 of my judgment concerning the elections in Croatia. I am not trying to be longwinded but I thought it important to explain my judgment[6] and what it is based on. As I understand there have been some who make predictions that are not explained and from what I understand of the conversations their judgments and predictions are quite speculative and perhaps not based in much astrology. I am not here to judge anyone else but to just render my judgment as best I can using the Astrology that I practice. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong and won’t be the first time I have not totally understood what I was seeing.

I will start my judgment with two charts; 1) the chart of the revolution of the year in which the ruler accedes, and 2) the chart of the ascension of the ruler. You will no doubt notice that for the first chart I have chosen to cast the chart of the Ingress for 2010. I have my reasons but the main one is simply because his acceding to power occurs only 1 month before the Ingress and falls just after the pre-ingress lunation (new Moon). Therefore I have deemed the 2010 Ingress more relevant to the length of the rulers rule rather than the Ingress for 2009. This is my judgment call. I could name other astrologers from the past, like Mashā´āllāh, who understood the need to do likewise, so I am in good company on this call.

Figure 1 Croatia_Aries Ingress 2010
Figure 1
Croatia_Aries Ingress 2010

Now Abū Ma’shār would have us use this chart in this way:[7]

“…one looks at the revolution of the world-year in which the ruler accedes, and then one looks at Saturn.”

One might well ask, why Saturn? Why not the Sun? The answer is a very important philosophical cornerstone that is based in something very old and probably coming from the Persians.

“…. Related to the superior planet furthest from the world of generation and corruption, i.e. to Saturn, is the indication for matters of Beginnings…”

Saturn indicated all “lofty” beginnings; a rulership, a kingdom or dynasty, a new religion, etc. You will find this doctrine also in Māshā´āllāh, Saul, Umar and others. In these sources you will find that Saturn signified the current and lawful king.[8]

So what does Abu want us to do with Saturn? In the chart of the Revolution of the Year we find Saturn in the Ascendant. We are to see what domicile it is and who the lord of his domicile is. In this case Saturn is in Libra and Venus is the Lady of the domicile. Both are in cardines so he would have us see how many ascensional degrees there are between Venus and Saturn. In effect directing Venus to Saturn and we are to count 1 year for every 30°. I have already done the calculations and there are 160 ascensional degrees between them and dividing this by 30 we find that it is 5 years.

Now the other chart in this process of discovering the length of a rulers rule is to look at the actual chart of the rulers acceding to power. In this case the ruler assumed his rulership on the 18th of February 2010 and I have included this chart as well.

Figure 2 Croatia_Josipovic accedes 2010
Figure 2
Croatia_Josipovic accedes 2010

Now Abu would have us do something a little different in this chart, but no less very profound and significant.

“As for <discovering> the measurement of their periods from their accession, it is found from the distance between Mars and its lord…”

Why Mars? Again this is based in a philosophical cornerstone of these ancients which is stated as follows,

“Related to the third of these planets in order, i.e. to Mars, is the indication for wars, strifes, and the like, being, as it were, the decline to the final ends of things, because the ends of things indicate destruction of their orderly arrangements after their perfection, and corruption of their regularity.”

Mars signified the end of things. So we were to do with Mars just as we did with Saturn, i.e. look at the domicile it is in and who its lord is. In the ascensional chart we find Mars in Leo and the Sun conjunct the cardine of the MC in Aquarius. And in the same way we judged from Saturn and its beginning so judge we here of its end with Mars and count the ascensional degrees between Mars and the Sun and give 30° to every year. There are 153 ascensional degrees between the Sun and Mars which once again is 5 years.

The last testimony he suggests is to direct the Midheaven, as we would do in a nativity, to a malefic that would cut off the years of his rule. We are to judge one month for every degree. The Midheaven will come to the square of Mars in 59°. Once again we end up with 5 years because 59 divided by 12 is just shy of the 5 years (5×12=60).

When reading up on Croatia’s government and election process I was surprised to find that the term of President is 5 years! So I was rather convinced that he[9] will only serve one term.

This second part in my notes is about the Croatian election based on the Revolution of the World-year 2014.

Figure 3 Croatia_Aries ingress 2014
Figure 3
Croatia_Aries ingress 2014

I notice in the revolution of the year (see Figure 3) that the Ascendant and Midheaven are close to changing signs and the signs are common (mutable). We have 28° Virgo 51’ marking the ascendant and 28° Gemini 37’ marking the Midheaven. The Sun is also setting, handing over his dominion to the Moon. I also note that the Midheaven[10] moves into the Moons domicile[11]. Themes are important to note. In this case I am noting the theme of endings and change. The Lord of the year is Mercury because of his testimony in the ascendant and his testimony as the other luminary’s[12] term lord and he is in a strong place being the 7th by counting.[13]

Since Mercury is also the significator of the king[14] then the state of the king is because of the state of the people.[15] This is something important to understand for the year and further readings of charts, i.e. how the fate of the king is bound to the fate of the people.

We should note the zodiacal state of Mercury. Mercury is the only planet that has one sign as both its detriment and fall. The sign of Pisces as Mercury’s detriment represents a threat to the people’s (and therefore the king’s) being and operative ability. It signifies very clearly the peoples (especially the common people) inability to gain through livelihood, their poorness and their being brought low. Its descension (fall) indicates their sorrow, prison, and distress; it is the place of their worthlessness relative to their own interests; they hate their situation, and are restricted. This state of being is particularly intense in this year because Mercury is oriental, direct and free of the Sun. By division Mercury is cadent and being carried away from the angle, however it is very interesting that Mercury has a strong helper from among the cabinet of the ruler (11th house/sign). Mercury is applying[16] to Jupiter in its exaltation and by division in the strength of the Midheaven and the 11th by counting. Because Jupiter will receive Mercury from a strong place, it will lift Mercury from its detriment and depression.

Jupiter I would deem is a very powerful “noble” in some position of the current government. Jupiter being occidental in a feminine sign leads me to believe this is a powerful woman.

The state of the “commoners” is also underlined by the Moons conjunction with a retrograde Saturn in the sign of her descension, Scorpio!

Another indication of the people’s bad situation can be seen by Mars in its detriment in the 2nd and destroying the fruits of the people’s livelihoods while the coffers of government are overflowing.[17] This is all setting the stage for the events of the rest of the year.

[1] Ptolemy attributed the rational mind to Mercury and irrational mind to the Moon.

[2] Part I, Chapter 1 of The Book of Religions and Dynasties (On the Great Conjunctions), Ed. and Trans. Keiji Yamamoto, Charles Burnett, Volume 1: The Arabic Original (Leiden: Brill, 2000)

[3] This is an entirely other subject which I cannot go into here. But Professor Dykes goes into very good detail in his World Astrology II. To understand these principles I highly recommend this book. It is well worth the investment if you are interested in mundane astrology.

[4] On the eastern seaboard of what would become the United States, the four distinct British regions were: New England, the Middle Colonies, the Chesapeake Bay Colonies (Upper South) and the Lower South.

[5] The First United States Congress, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, first officially convened on March 4, 1789.

[6] My “judgement” was that I predicted, contrary to popular opinion, that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović would be elected the country’s first woman president.

[7] Chapter 5 in Part II of Kitāb al-milal wa-d-duwal – The Book of Religions and Dynasties

[8] Also I strongly recommend reading Ben Dykes introduction in his newest translation contribution, Astrology of the World II.

[9] I mean Josipovic, the current Croatian President.

[10] The Midheaven is the place of the sun’s strength and power which is also a masculine sign, Gemini.

[11] Cancer is a feminine sign and house of the “feminine” luminary.

[12] I.e. the Moon

[13] Please note I am using whole sign houses. The term, “by counting” was used by the Medieval astrologers to indicate they were using whole signs and “by division”, indicating mundane divisions of the quadrants.

[14] I chose the ruler of the 10th over the Sun because Mercury is in a better “place”, the 7th and 10th from the 10th, rather than the Sun falling in the 8th place.

[15]And if you knew this in a revolution of years (that the Lord of the Year was the same as the significator of the King), know even the significator of the king from the Lord of the Year, and know his condition from the condition of the rustics.” Cf. Mashā’āllāh’s, “Revolutions of the years of the World” Chapter 19

[16] It is applying to but not yet joined to Jupiter, so technically Mercury is not yet pushing his authority to Jupiter. However I note that it will.

[17] This judgement is based on the 11th being the treasury of the government with Jupiter there and testified to by the Sun which is in its exaltation Aries and in the 8th of taxation and debt which opposes the peoples resources, the 2nd.

Aversion or the “Inconjunct”: Dignities, Strengths, and Weaknesses – a closer look

One has to practice the classical concepts to understand their significance in real terms. Aversion is not a “corruption” of the planet. It is rather a weakness. We must examine the distinctions; what is the difference between “weakness” and “misfortune and corruption”? One thing I have noticed in my studies and practice is that the ancients made clear distinctions between the quantity of the signification produced and its quality. These terms would seem somewhat self-evident; however, it is common to find these terms erroneously mixed. In the simplest terms, quality tells us what kind and quantity tells us how much. Abu Ma’shār for example in his Introduction to Astrology makes this distinction between quality and quantity.

The fourth chapter, on the good fortune of the planets, their power, their weakness and their misfortune . . .

Here the astrologer is outlining two distinct categories of evaluation. One is the fortunes and misfortunes. This is his qualitative judgement of what kind. The other is of the power and weakness of the planets, which is a quantitative judgment of how much.

Let me try to explain this in another way. Electricity has a remarkably accurate analogy to astrology. The principles of electricity involve different factors that produce an effect. Voltage (V) is like the essential dignity of a planet. It describes the quality. There are several type quality batteries. You have 24V, 12V, 9V, etc. where the voltage describes the quality. Then you have current or amperes (A) that directly influence the output or effect. This is analogous of a planets phase to the Sun, or if it is in the chart sect or not etc. The effect of that battery [or planet] is its ability to use its full potential, i.e. seen as the light from a light bulb that is attached [effect or Watts]. A 12V battery with a current of 65 amperes (a typical car battery) will produce 780 Watts (voltage x amperes = watts). That is its effect. Likewise a planet in its domicile (the 12V battery), oriental of the Sun (if a superior planet), and in sect (the optimal 65A current) produces an optimal effect (Watts) that we determine from the essential nature and determination of the planet.

The normal car is the “domain” of that battery, designed specifically for that environment and its demands. If I take that same 12V, 65A battery and place it into a different environment like a diesel truck, it may produce enough to perform once but the strain placed by the higher demands of the environment will immediately corrupt and ruin the battery. A diesel truck may require a 24V 85A (2040 W) battery for example. This is similar to a planet posited in a sign where it is peregrine, or in a sign that happens to be its detriment or fall.

If we place on that 12V battery resistance in the form of lights or a heater, that resistance (or impediment) is measured in ohms (Ώ). The introduction of a new factor changes the total effect. If the light produces a resistance of 3 ohms then the total effect is now calculated Voltage/Ohms x Amperes = Watts (effect). In our example then the voltage, 12V, is divided by the resistance, 3 ohms, and multiplied by the amperes = 12V/3Ώ x 65A = 4 x 65 = 260 W. You can see the significant reduction compared to the original potential of 780 watts. This is how various factors impede a planet, i.e. joined to a malefic. This is resistance.

None of these extra factors changes the essential dignity of the battery. It is always a 12V battery. Changing either the current or resistance, however, will change the effect. If the current [amperes] is reduced or increased, the effect will be either stronger or weaker not its dignity. If we increase the resistance [ohms], it also reduces the effect because its quality is directly affected. Neither current nor resistance is the same as voltage! These are three individual and distinct variables!

Now as long as that battery is full (like a car battery is charged by the regulator and generator of a car), then its effect is constant, meaning that it can produce 100% of its effect at all times (like an angular planet). If that battery should have an under specified alternator or generator with perhaps dirty brushes it does not keep the batter properly charged, its effect is less constant and somewhat weaker (like a succedent planet). If the alternator/generator is defective and producing far below the specific requirement then the battery eventually will empty itself of charge and it may not even start the car consistently or barely cause the motor to turn over (like falling cadent). This measurement has nothing to do with essential dignity because the battery is still a 12V battery, but rather it is a measure of how much of the quality (12V) is available to be transmitted and how constant. Just as a battery that is flat can be “jumped”, so can the planets. If I series connect another fully charged 12V battery to the flat battery then that flat battery will produce consistently enough to be useful. This is much like what happens if you have a cadent planet that is aspected by its ruler or a benefic from a trine aspect in an angle!

What I am trying to illustrate is that many things that are often called essential dignities, are not in themselves essential dignity. Current (amperes) and resistance (ohms) is not the same thing as the quality of the source (voltage or its essential dignity). It is all three of them together that determine an outcome or effect (Watts) and the effect is not the same as dignity! The judgement of the planets is a science and cannot effectively be boiled down to a simple table because these factors are each the function of a variable. While Voltage (quality) and Amperes (quantity) both affect the outcome (Watts), the relationship of quantity has a very special role.

If you consider the equation for the outcome, we find that the misfortunes and corruptions directly affect the quality and not simply by ‘subtraction’ – it divides. It does not affect the means or quantity! These are some very real variables that have a specific result.

Now all of this is a very simplified analogy since there are many variables that determine both quality and quantity. In the case of aversion, it affects the rulers’ ability to produce an effect for the particular domicile it falls in aversion to! It is not a ‘joy’ in the sense the ancients used but it is a condition that has a direct effect on the domicile and the resultant house it rules!

Now a practical demonstration of this consideration is found in the

chart of ex-tennis star Jimmy Connors.

Jimmy Connors September 2, 1952 10:30 AM CDT East Saint Louis, Illinois, USA 38° N 37' 28" – 90° W 09' 03" 27° Libra 28’ rises
Jimmy Connors
September 2, 1952
10:30 AM CDT
East Saint Louis, Illinois, USA
38° N 37′ 28″ – 90° W 09′ 03″
27° Libra 28’ rises

The Sun in the 11th is a strong position for the Sun in this diurnal chart! It does indicate reputation and success. However, that reputation and success is marred by separation, controversy and exile (this is what Paulus tells us a planet in aversion to its domicile signifies). Moreover, Lilly following the ancients tells us that a planet falling cadent of its domicile, so that it does not behold it, is indicative that the planet is “ill-disposed” to signify those matters.

Based on that signification, I would have to say that while this native receives reputation and success in his profession, there is some aspect of that which brings him into controversy and even exile by his peers and professional associates. The Sun, ruler of the 10th, is in the 11th in aversion to Mercury ruler of the 11th in the 10th! At some point in this natives’ profession he is perhaps in exile to his professional peers because of controversy.

What I found when I read a couple online biographies was this:

Connors was denied a shot at the Grand Slam because he was banned from the French Open that year after signing to play in World Team Tennis. Because the Association of Tennis Pros (which Connors refused to join) and the French officials opposed WTT, the entries of WTT players were refused.

These significations are not some intangible potential, but actually signify real people, things and events! It is also interesting to see that this ban and exile came during his Mercury Firdar when Saturn (exalted ruler of the 12th and 1st) was the participating distributer!

So to say that just because a planet falls in aversion to one domicile but not the other is not an impediment is quite untrue! As I said before the consequences concern the house to which it is in aversion and if that house is normally a profitable house to the native, it can often have some dire consequences to the outcome!

Steven Birchfield A.M.A.

An Introduction to Delineation of the Profession

Do not blindly follow the rules!

 «We are looking for a rational means of leading us in the right direction to come up with the right conclusions.» – Robert Zoller

When it comes to delineating the profession, we are faced with problems with which our predecessors were not faced. The professions available to people today are numerous. Many jobs are simply spin-offs or alterations of other professions which can cause problems for the astrologer and make it difficult to distinguish one from the other. For example take my profession, how do you distinguish and interior designer from an architect or building engineer. All three of these professions share construction knowledge and experience which is also common to the construction labourer! While Venus is generally more prominent in the charts of interior designers than say construction workers, architects, or engineers, this in itself is not enough since we find the same true with painters who may also fall within the category of construction workers.

The interior designer is usually more involved with the finish work, decorating, furnishings etc., than with the more mechanical structure of the building. But then we find architects who are employed in planning departments as an interior designer. What we end up with is that we have to say such things as, “Your chart indicates your profession is related to the building trades.” But in that case, the delineation covers everything from demolition to carpentry, to electricians, plumbers, painters, architect, engineer and interior designer!

In the same manner there are professional financiers who work with money and we are often faced with the job of distinguishing these people in their different guises e.g. the pawnbroker, loan shark, merchant banker, stock broker, teller, accountant etc. Then when we have determined the category (and this is not helped by the specialisation within professions) we are faced with the further need for distinction. How do you distinguish the everyday bank manager from the Rothchilds or Morgans? How do we distinguish the bank teller from the bank owner?

How does one distinguish the differences between a soldier and a bandit or between the head of a band of pirates and a regular king? To the British, Washington, Jefferson et al, was no more than renegades, brigands and terrorists who afterwards became statesmen and founders of a new nation! Or Ariel Sharon, who was viewed by many as nothing more than a terrorist; blowing up hotels, wiping out refugee camps, and had innocent people murdered and yet became the Prime Minister of Israel!

Then there is the more modern problem that we may have more than one profession in our lifetime! I spent years as a missionary, have worked as a common construction worker, worked in the retail clothing business, have been a bartender and restaurant co-worker, acquired my living through music, have been a building project leader, engineer in the ship industry,  involved in project development as an engineer and now working in city development! So variations of profession within one person’s lifetime are also something that we, as astrologers, have to deal with. As a practicing astrologer, sooner or later you will be asked, “When will I have what profession?” Right now, we will deal with the classical and medieval considerations of delineating the “mastery” or profession an individual has their entire life, i.e. the skill they have which will always be there in the background throughout their entire life. Like myself, I did not always give vent to that skill and when I did not, this was reflected in my professional life (in the modern sense). There may be periods when an individual does other things, but the theme or mastery will always be there seeking expression. So in this sense, we are viewing profession slightly different from the more modern viewpoint. We have to adopt the medieval astrologer’s viewpoint which is that the profession or theme is actually the native’s function and his/her place in society.

In contrast to the middle ages where an individual did not lightly change professions, today the economy often forces us to re-train as the economic circumstances change which often forces us to look for a new job. While many more opportunities are open to us today, we nonetheless will have some over-riding quality that dominates our professional picture even when we are forced to change jobs or careers frequently. It is true that many will hold one job for many years, like my stepfather who worked in construction nearly his entire life! Many change jobs but not radically, remaining in the same field while others change jobs radically going from one field to another.

As I already mentioned at the beginning, the professional theme has parameters that define certain aptitudes and that list of aptitudes is an expression of this or that planet and if these planets are in certain places and ruling certain places they become professional significators showing the skills the native will use in his or her profession no matter what appellation we may give that profession. In the practice of astrology, it will be necessary to say when the native will change jobs or make a radical change from one field to another. That is a matter of prediction and is based on this first delineation of professional significators. That is something we will have to address later. For now, I am only dealing with the delineation of what work, what kind of profession or mastery is shown in the nativity and that is with the provision being that generally, people stay with their natal patterns.

Modern society has brought complexity and specialisation. There are numerous kinds of physicians, physicists, dentists etc. Consequently, we as astrologers may not attempt to declare the name or title of the job the native will pursue. We may not declare, “This woman is a plastic surgeon,” or, “This man is a foreign car specialist.” It is enough that we say, “Mercury is your professional significator. Mercury makes geometers, designers, scribes and all who make a livelihood from interpretations, explanations, record keeping etc.” For all the reasons above and more, I recommend that you start with this more general approach rather than jumping in and immediately try to be too specific when determining the profession. So the question is, can we get more specific? And if so, how do we do so?

There are several things we have to consider when delineating a person’s vocation and profession.

1. The natives’ physical qualities (health) and natural “qualities of the soul” (i.e. his natural aptitudes), the temperament[1] and modal type,[2] and finally the native’s own motivations (principally the Almuten Figuris and Lot of Spirit). Most of these considerations are based around the Ascendant sign, the planets in the Ascendant or aspecting the ascendant and the rulers of the ascendant.

2. The natives’ social status – Is the native born in difficulty (lower social status)? Is he/she born in a middleclass? Upper class? Does the chart indicate social mobility for the native, i.e. is there indication the native moves up, down or stays within his/her social rank.

3. The natives education – in what way is their education connected to profession if at all. Is there a higher education for the native or is the education normal or interrupted etc.

4. Finally we determine a professional significator(s) or Almuten of the vocation and what vocational class the native will belong with the significations of the 10th.

As you can see, while the 4th point is probably the most important indication, it will be very much limited or enhanced by the other 3 factors. We could say that the first three points are parameters of the 4th point! It is much more difficult for someone born and raised in an poor inner city to achieve a vocation and fruitful profession than another who is born in another social rank for example. Also, it is easier or more difficult for the profession with regards to both the person’s natural aptitudes and education. There is a harmony to all of these points that cooperate together to produce what the native will or will not do or accomplish!

It is evident there are other delineations that one needs to make before a final delineation of profession and vocation can be made. As earlier mentioned, temperament and modal type for example, needs to be delineated. There are many methods advocated for delineating temperament. Some are good and some are useless considerations that lead one away from simplicity! There are also diverse and multitudinous theories concerning the Almuten Figuris or Lord of the Geniture. Again, I keep things simple and I avoid straying into the slippery world of “psychology”.

The first three points then ought to be delineated before the 4th in order to understand what parameters define the profession and vocation!

[1] i.e. choleric, sanguine, melancholic or phlegmatic

[2] vital, mental or motive