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A Society is much the same as a guild. It’s a group of craftsmen gathered together for mutual benefit, advancement of the craft and the setting of standards. In this capacity a guild imparts skill, knowledge and wisdom to posterity

ISCA is a gathering of particularly experienced astrologers working within the Classical Tradition.

This refers to Ancient Astrology and the earliest Hellenistic Horoscopic Astrology, including the Indian and Persian contributions associated with the School of Alexandria. The study of the great Medieval Arab astrologers and their influence on European Masters such as Guido Bonatti is part of this nexus.

Acceptance is based on peer review, not on certification. A distinguished level of astrological expertise and commitment to ongoing scholarship is required. High scholarly and ethical standards are expected and required of all members, particularly when speaking on behalf of the Society

Professor P. James Clark,

Noruz -Victoria – 2013


Foundation Chart

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  1. Hi

    How do I join? Become a member?

    Kind regards
    Martien Hermes

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