War in Heaven

Hieronymus_Bosch_073War in Heaven
Hyeronymus Bosch


The recent thoughts of Pablo Ianiszewski F.  in ISCA has motivated me to write, after a long period of silence while busy writing my last book.

I have raised a few points which, if they are not true,  certainly they are worth to be discussed.

In my ancient studies of astrology I tended to see the planets as the primary causation of the facts . Malefic planets caused harm, the benefics, benefits.

But after years, I have approached a non-causal, a more synchronic view of the events. The understanding of this synchronicity, if it can be sought in the celestial configuration, will not occur because the planets cause harm or blessings on earth.

I would like to point out that I agree with my colleague Pablo Ianiszewsky. An excess of  heat or cold is not conducive to the development of life. This is not under discussion.

Probably the fact that some planets are more distant from the Sun, the creator of life, led the astrologers to divide them in their basic characteristics. The more distant from the Sun  the  more malefics would the planets turn out.  Jupiter is an exception, probably because it has an affinity with Sagittarius which  makes a trigon with the Sun, the diurnal luminar, and with Pisces which makes a sextile with the Moon, the nocturnal light. The mix of aspects with luminaries, added to the distance of the Sun, must have influenced the ancients in their classifications in hot, cold, wet and dry.

This ground raises many questions that I do not want to discuss here, but one thing perhaps may be quite interesting to have in mind i.e. that  such classification depends on the human view of the elements, and it changes culturally, as we can see in the Eastern philosophy in which the element wood or metal also have room.

What I really would like to bring about in these few lines is that the intrinsic planetary essence goes far beyond the earth and that we know nothing about the planets, which are beings, each of them having their own inscrutable cosmic purpose and having to seek it far beyond the pettiness of our little world.

My view is that, we, as human inhabitants of this part of the universe, the earth, embedded in one of the hundreds of galaxies, depending essentially of the Sun, the principle of all life, tend to classify the visible planets according to the effect they cause to us.

I remember that Alchabitius saw Saturn esoterically as the first planet to which all the others follow. He says that Saturn is the first to operate on conception after the shedding of semen in the womb, contracting and unifying the matter with which the being is formed. Also in the Poimandres, it is said that the soul descends through the celestial spheres. Rudolf Steiner followed more or less this tone, when he explained that the soul comes from the universe and creates the skeleton through Saturn, until arriving at Venus that beautifies the flesh and finally reaches the Moon, rounding of the forms, shortly before the birth.

Much is supposed, but nothing is known for certain about planets and their intrinsic nature.

I have more and more the impression that the planets are not concerned with events on earth, but with their own interplanetary relationships.

I have raised the hypothesis that the chaotic or harmonic events that we experience have to do with the way the planets treat each other.

Evil derives from the evil way that one planet deals with  the other in a specific structure and this is reflected in efects  on earth, in a specular way, as it happens in the entire universe.

For example, if Mars attacks Jupiter, without mutual reception and especially being in a higher position, that is, considering as the majority of astrologers, that the planet in higher position is the one in the right, events will happen according to the nature of both, but the massacre will be especially bloody for everything that represents justice.

If things go the other way, and Jupiter is in a position above Mars, the result would be the victory over criminals, smashed by justice.

By this I mean that a square, just to name a kind of aspect, has a different meaning if one planet has a superior position in relation to the other. This explains the fact that there are squares that come to good and others that come to evil.

Even the trigons, an aspect of friendship, in a case where a malefic is one making the aspect, can have a paltry result if the malefic is in a superior position.

It is as if one o the planets falls from the high smashing the one beneath him.

I will quote one fresh example, a fact that happened today in my country, when our president, visibly suspected of criminality, was released by the court to follow his mandate, instead of suffering an impeachment.

Let me explain: Jupiter in Libra occupied the the 7th house, Libra, when the Sun entered in Cancer. Saturn, the ruler of the MC,  was cadent and retrograde,  occupying the 9th house.

Jupiter was then in a superior position, so we could imagine that ethics should prevail and this is a possiblle way to understand retrogradation: Saturn was walking towards Jupiter. This movement between planets in strong reception is always surprising, because turns out the lower planet pretty active  in his movement towards the other. Faced with the deep relationship between the two, one planet in the sign of the other, Jupiter ruling Sagittarius and Saturn ruling Libra for exaltation, I predicted in the  beginning of the third quarter of the year that the president would obtain support.

In fact, Saturn, ruler of Midheaven, constrained the law( Jupiter), which weighed against him, and favored Jupiter with  facilities, in the generous Sagittarius way, with which Jupiter has so much affinity.

Had the position of the planets been changed by signs the result would be different.

Brazilien people got a bit disapointed, that is fact. But the result  essentially is neither bad nor good from an universal point of view.

In this way, duality, in my humble opinion, is only one facet of ONE and same thing: that “thing” that human mind does not reach and that in its smallness calls good or evil.

Clélia Romano, DMA ( writed at August the 3rd of 2017)




4 thoughts on “War in Heaven

  1. I agree Clélia. Planets are indicators, not causes. The naturalistic and aristotelian approach is just a way of making the mistery more intelligible, but is far away from making it disappear. Thanks for your article, I enjoyed it.

  2. Querida Celia:

    “In my ancient studies of astrology I tended to see the planets as the primary causation of the facts.”

    Posiblemente estés mal interpretando tus fuentes, pues me llama la atención ya que esto no es tradicional. La tradición se define como lo transmitido que hace a una forma tradicional, como lo es el Cristianismo, el Islam, el Hinduismo, etc. Dentro de estas formas se encuentran las diversas ciencias tradicionales, la astrología por ejemplo, y por lo cual se la denomina “tradicional”, que no es lo mismo que decir “convencional” que es el sentido como lo entienen los astrologos contemporáneos cuando hablan de “tradicional” tomándolo como lo “antiguo” respecto a lo “no moderno”.
    El conocimiento de las estrellas pertenece a los principios metafísicos que han fundado las formas tradicionales correspondientes y a partir de ellas las diversas ciencias sagradas. Siempre hay un primer hombre-dios, una manifestación divina, un ancestro primordial que “trae” del mundo espiritual (simbolizado por el cielo) los conocimientos diversos que hacen a una civilización normal y se los transmite a los hombres.
    No hay ninguna forma tradicional (ni ciencia tradicional) que afirme que los planetas son causa de los hechos en tanto directores o determinadores de la conducta de los hombres, sino tan solo que factum est fatum, y esto es así si consideramos a la Fortuna u Hado tan solo desde las causas segundas y por las cuales el hombre no recibe su libre albedrío, y puede que alguna fuente que posees hable en este sentido, de hecho este es un punto de vista astrológico, pero que nunca estuvo desligado del resto de los conocimientos tradicionales, nunca fue “sistemático” como para volverse heterodoxo.
    Voy a darte un ejemplo: hay libros hindués que comienzan la creación del mundo desde la hilé primordial, esto que desde la autoridad máxima de los Vedas es una herejía pura y simple, pero no es prohibida a menos que niegue conocimientos superiores que abarcan y comprenden estos conocimientos inferiores, y solo empieza desde la potencia pura debido a su naturaleza cosmológica, es decir, no metafísica.
    Es como si yo dijiera, ¿qué es Celia? Celia es una mujer. Esto sería una definición verdadera en un cierto nivel, pero si yo dijera que Celia es tan solo eso, y negara una realidad comprensiva de esta realidad menor, yo estaría separando una verdad menor de una mayor, por lo cual la verdad menor se volvería falsa, porque al separarla lo que yo in strictu sensu afirmaría es que Celia es tan solo “eso”.
    O puede que esta fuente que sea ortodoxa en algo y heterodoxa en otra, y no entienda ya las razones por las cuales todas las formas tradicionales del mundo han negado siempre esta suerte de determinismo y con justicia han perseguido a quienes la promulgaban falsamente mediante la astrología u otra ciencia tradicional, pues esto no solo es una herejía, sino también una afirmación que degrada a la ciencia de los principios a los cuales pertenece, puesto que es una imposibilidad. De hecho cuando se tilda a los Estoicos de deterministas, inclusive aquellos astrologos que están a favor de ese “supuesto” determinismo demuestran que no comprenden a los Estoicos.
    Te dejo con una cita de Santo Tomás “To suppose, then, that the celestial bodies are the cause of human acts, is something peculiar to those who say that the intellect is not distinguished from the senses.” Theological Sum – Part Ia – Question 116.

    Un abrazo y mis mejores deseos

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